The Hunger Games edit tutorial. (Aka our sidebar image). Like/Reblog if useful!

Woop! So I finally got my laptop back after a long hard week… Somebody asked me how I made our sidebar image, and in all honesty I just changed the text on an edit that i made on my personal blog districted.

Those are a few of the other gifs. To use this tutorial, you must know how to make a basic GIF, which I’ve made a tutorial for here. 

If you have any questions do not hestiate to leave a message here, AS LONG as you start your message with Becky just so I know that the message is for me.

P.S, because my laptop was taken, I’m having a little trouble re installing quicktime, so I’m unable to make gifs properly at the moment… so bear with me, there won’t be as many screen caps in this tutorial. 

Step one:

Follow the first few steps of my previous tutorial to select the part of the video that you would like to use for your edit. (I recomend nothing longer than 35 frames for GIF quality purposes).

Use the  tool and hold down shift to create a perfect square on the section of the gif that you want to use. Then click IMAGE > CROP to crop the gif. 

go to IMAGE > IMAGE SIZE and input 160 pixels for the height & width.

then go to IMAGE > CANVAS SIZE and change it to 245 pixels each way too.

You should be left with something like this:

Step Two:

You need to sharpen the gif. I can’t be bothered to write it all out again, so I’m just going to copy & paste from my previous tutorial:

To sharpen each layer individually, select the frame & the corresponding layer: I.E, frame 3 & Layer 3


on each of the frames/layers individually.

(If you know how to use/install actions, this GIF Sharpener is ace)

Step Three:

The background is relatively simple to make. Find the picture (In this case I’m using a hunger games trailer screencap) 

Copy & paste it underneath LAYER 1 so that it is behind the Gif. 

Resize the photo using CTRL + T (Hold down shift to keep the photo in the right proportions).

Once that is done, go to FILTER > Blur > Gaussian Blur and choose what level of blur you would like. hit OK.

Step Four:


Now you add the scratch texture over the blur. Unfortunately I do not have the old one that I used because my laptop got wiped etc, so I’m going to use a new one.

I’ve made this section easy for you. All you have to do is copy/paste the scratch texture below & set the layer style to LIGHTEN or SCREEN.

(if you’re having trouble finding that style section, its the drop down menu that starts with “normal”, just above the layer section)

You should now have something like this:

Step Five:

Select LAYER 1, and then and right click. click DUPLICATE LAYER.

LAYER 1 & LAYER 1 COPY should now appear. Select Layer 1 and double click. 

In the style box that appears, click COLOR OVERLAY & choose a color that you want the background box to be. hit OK.

Select the   tool. Drag the newly coloured square layer slightly to the left so that it creates a small shadow behind the gif.

That leaves you with this:

Step Six:

This part is optional. If you want to add the monochrome layer, you select any of the gif layers (preferably layer 1 copy) and make sure the   tool is selected again. Press CTRL + A on your keyboard, and then lick and drag the square out of its place, then put it back, just so it is selected. 

Next you click on the top GIF layer.

Finally, you click on LAYER> NEW ADJUSTMENT LAYER> GRADIENT MAP  and you choose the colour of the gradient map that you want to use.

Step Seven:

If you want to apply a PSD, drag the file from its folder into the document. 

I’m using this PSD that I made myself.

If you want to add text just add some over the top of the gif & add shadow.

We’re done!

Go to File > Save for web & devices to save it as a gif file.

Please like/reblog this if you found this useful in anyway!

thanks :) -becky

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